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FIT SPIRIT is a comprehensive program developed by Antonella Baricelli that combines the physical and the spiritual along the way to achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle that is sustainable. We combine the dynamism of functional and cardiovascular exercise with spiritual tools. Our programs include yoga, exercise classes, cardio, nutrition plans, special breathing exercises, meditation events, and integral retreats that can be applied to our lifestyle on a daily basis. The mission of FIT SPIRIT is to build health from the three fundamental levels: physical, spiritual and mental. Our method has been approved by doctors as well as physical and holistic therapists. We continue to see amazing results in our students, improving stress management and relieving anxiety.

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  • Nutrition Plan & Recipes
  • Focus & Motivation Strategies #myhappinessjournal
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Join our Fit Spirit Studio classes with Antonella Baricelli, LIVE from her Miami studio, Monday through Saturday. Sweat along with Antonella from the comfort of your home. Get started today!

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Intermittent Fasting

It’s NOT A DIET, but AN EATING PATTERN, a LIFESTYLE used for years by Eastern cultures and many Western religions. It’s about giving your body and internal organs a rest by stopping eating for 12, 14, and up to 16 hours.

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